The Importance of Sleep

Our bodies require regular long periods of sleep to restore and rejuvenate all processes within the body. Sleep also helps us grow and develop, repair tissues, synthesize and regulate hormones, and strengthen immunity. When people don’t get enough good quality sleep, they struggle with concentration, memory, attention, productivity, emotional and behavioral stability, and ability to fight disease.


Many adults and children struggle with getting enough sleep and making sure those hours are good quality sleep. As chiropractors, we can assess a few different components that can improve these patterns to allow the body its healthy sleep cycle.

Chiropractors can assess the body’s musculoskeletal system to address any  mechanical issues that may be interrupting sleep.  When the spine is out of alignment, also known as a subluxation, stress is put on different areas of the body which can lead to muscle tension and nerve inflammation. This doesn’t allow the body to fully relax and as a result, we can wake up feeling tired, restless, and uncomfortable.

When the spinal segments that sit directly below the base of the skull become out of alignment, our brain chemistry can be negatively effected. The brain is what manufactures the hormones that help us fall asleep and control healthy sleep patterns. When the nerves between the brain and the very top of the spinal cord are disrupted, the release of these important sleep hormones are disrupted as well.

With the help of chiropractic care, chiropractors can correct these misalignments with simple adjustments for both you and your children. We can give recommendations for proper sleeping positions, your mattress, and proper pillows to prevent subluxations from continuously reoccurring.

If you or anyone in your family is struggling with getting good quality sleep, give us a call and schedule an appointment with one of our chiropractors!



How are you Sleeping?

With our first blog post, let’s start with something everyone does, sleep. Are you getting the restful sleep you deserve? Do you get recurrent headaches? It may be that all or part of the problem is stemming from your sleeping posture or the support you give yourself while you are sleeping.
Surveys have shown that between 40 and 60 percent of the general population has trouble sleeping. Daily stress and worries, pressures from job and family, body aches and pains caused by uncomfortable beds or pillows, and a host of other issues can keep a person from getting enough quality sleep. Sleep is critical to good health, so lack of it is a serious matter. Through sleep, our bodies recharge and renew for the next day’s challenges.
Proper posture while sleeping is very important. The two best sleeping postures are on your back or side. Stomach sleeping forces you to twist your neck so you can breathe and it exaggerates the curve in your lower back. When on your side, your legs should be on top of each other with knees bent to ensure proper alignment of your spine. When you sleep, muscles and ligaments relax and if you’re not using proper sleeping posture or support, your spine can shift out of alignment causing pain.

Creating a comfortable place to sleep by choosing the correct mattress and pillow is essential to getting the quality sleep that your body needs to function at its best. A mattress should support the body’s weight evenly and allow the sine to stay in its natural alignment. Every few months, turn your mattress clockwise, or upside down, so that body indentations are kept to a minimum.
A good pillow will keep the neck aligned with the mid and lower back. If you find yourself sleeping on your side with one hand proper under your pillow, that’s a clue that your pillow does not have the right amount of support you need. If your pillow is too thick or too thin, your head be-comes tilted one way or the other and can cause your spine to shit out of alignment. When sleeping on your back, ideally you want a pillow that supports the C-curve in your neck.
If you continue to experience pain and discomfort at night, or have difficulty sleeping, schedule an appointment with one of our doctors. Doctors of chiropractic are trained to treat spinal problems that can interfere with your sleep and everyone deserves a restful night of sleep.