It’s Our 27th Birthday!

cropped-side-logo.jpgMinser Chiropractic Clinic has been in the St. Cloud community for 27 years as of July 1st, 2017. We cannot thank our patients, doctors, staff, and community enough for supporting us throughout the years!

Here are 27 fun facts about Minser Chiropractic Clinic that we’d like to share with you!

supplement shelf

27 Years in Business


26 + shelves of nutritional product

25 total employees currently

24 years ago, Dr. Minser converted to automatic x-ray processor versus developing x-rays manually with chemicals

23 years ago, the clinic had 3 employees

22 years ago, Dr. Minser had a pager-no cell phones yet!

too old or young


21 years ago, Dr. Minser had 5 employees

20 continuing education credits the doctors needs to be re-licensed each year

19 children (including babies on the way) that our employees are mothers to

18 computers

17 years in this building

16 different custom orthotics

15 years Dr. Fimrite has been with the clinic

14 new patients Dr. Minser had her 2nd month of practice

Our 11th Annual 5k/1k!

13 phones in the clinic

12 treatment rooms

11 5ks we have hosted (soon to be 12!)

10 chiropractic assistants

9 of our employees have summer birthdays

8 years of CPR classes being offered at the clinic for employees

7 months it took to build the clinic in this location

Sartell Parade 2016

6 days a week we’re open

5 doctors on staff & 5 Massage Therapists!

4 of our doctors can do acupuncture

3 parades we are in each year

2 different locations the clinic has been in

1 doctor started it all- Dr. Mary Beth Minser

Dr. Mary Beth Minser receiving the award for Best Chiropractor in Central MN for 2016