TMJ? Try Massage!

Do you suffer from TMJ pain? If you experience pain while chewing, lock jaw, headaches, limited range of motion in the jaw, sore neck and shoulders, ringing in the ears and swallowing difficulties, you could be suffering from TMJ syndrome.

A common cause of TMJ include grinding of the teeth or clenching the jaw, usually at night while you sleep but can also happen during the day in response to stress. Another cause of TMJ is impact to the jaw, such as a fall or getting hit in the chin. In other instances it could be arthritis in the jointtmj-mayo.

Some key symptoms of TMJ can be ear aches, pain in the face, headaches, or sinus pain. Oftentimes people do not link these issues together but they often go hand in hand. TMJ pain can be felt in the joint, behind the ear, around the sinuses, in the skull face, neck and shoulders. (Learn more about TMJ and Chiropractic)

Massage therapy can be a very effective tool in reducing the pain and irritation that comes along with TMJ syndrome. Your massage therapist will evaluate the muscles of the head, neck, shoulders, and jaw. The jaw is compromised of muscles around the cheek and jaw joint, as well as muscles on the inside of the mouth. The massage therapist will work on the affected muscles to relieve trigger points to help reduce pain and improve motion in the jaw

Make sure to let your massage therapist knows all of your symptoms in order for them to better treat the problem. By creating a detailed picture of your pain, the massage therapist can focus on the muscles that are causing the discomfort.

Massage therapy is a good resource for getting rid of TMJ pain. If you have questions about how massage can better your pain or about TMJ, let us know!


Stressed Out? Try Massage!

There are numerous causes of stress that are present in our lives on a daily basis. When we become stressed our body reacts in various ways.

The top six symptoms of stress are:

  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of Interest
  • Fatigue
  • Feeling Overwhelmed
  • Depression

A great way to relax and combat these symptoms is through a relaxation massage! (you can find other methods here!)

c700x420A relaxation massage is one of the most naturally beneficial experiences that life offers. It helps reverse the body’s physical reaction to stress and strain, calms the mind and helps satisfy the human need to be touched in a caring, nurturing fashion. Massage techniques are designed to reeducate your body to relax, unwind, rest and assume to its proper state.

Massage therapists are trained to “listen” to your body. Meaning, they use their hands to feel where the tension is located and through various techniques reduce that tension. Most people put their stress in their neck or upper back and that explains why there is so much tension and tightness in that area when we become stressed.

Relaxation massages are good for people of all ages! If you have a teenager who is stressed with school work, sports, or just everyday life, a relaxation massage can help them combat stress.

Schedule your relaxation massage today!


What to Know About Essential Oils

At Minser Chiropractic Clinic, one thing we get of questions about is essential oil. Many people have heard of them or have a basic understanding but aren’t aware that they can do great things for your health. We’ve compiled the most common questions we have heard and supplied some answers for you!

What are Essential Oils?oil

Essential oils are a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing aroma compounds from fruits and plants. It’s a natural oil found in plant that is typically obtained by distillation.

How Do You Use Them?

There are many different ways to use essential oils. A common way is to use them in conjunction with a massage. A massage therapist adds the oil to the massage lotion and uses that throughout the massage. If you’re at home, you can add essential oils to another base oil and rub that on your skin.

Another frequent method people use essential oils in through a diffuser. The diffuser circulates the aroma in the air so you are able to benefit from the essential oil. You can also add a few drops to a hot shower or bath and get similar results.

What Can They Do?

The-Benefits-of-Essential-OilsEssential Oils can do many wonderful things for the body! You might have to do some research on which ones are right for your condition (or see one of the doctors or massage therapists at Minser Chiropractic Clinic).

*Note: Some essential oils are not recommended for pregnant women or those with sensitive skin.

Essential Oils Can:

  • Help detox different body systems
  • Aid in meditation and relaxation
  • Fight colds and flus
  • Useful for skin care
  • Good for digestion issues
  • Aids with depression and anxiety
  • Relieves stress and muscle tension
  • Helps bring peace of mind
  • And many, many other benefits!

Where Can I Get Them?

Essential Oils are sold at many different places. You can find some at organic stores, or sections of larger stores (though these might not be good quality), online, and at clinics.

Here at Minser Chiropractic Clinic, we offer a variety of high quality essential oils. Our essential oils are one of the highest quality grades and can last you a long time, depending how often you are using it and in what quantity.

Final Thoughts

Essential Oils are a great way to freshen up the house in cleaning and can be very beneficial for your health! They are another holistic tool you can use to improve your life. If you have any specific questions about essential oils, give us a shout out!

Have Pregnancy Pains? Try Massage!

Research from the last few years shows that massage is one of the most popular alternative therapies for women during their pregnancy. Research also suggests that massage is effective in reducing pregnancy related leg pain, back pain, neck pain, and depression.

During pregnancy, many rapid changes are occurring in the body’s shape, weight, and center of balance. These changes can lead to an increase in neck, back and hip discomfort during pregnancy. pregnant

Pregnancy is an excellent time to utilize massage therapy! During the massage treatment, specialized positioning is used to allow the therapist to work all areas of the body. Like any other massage, the massage therapist will tailor her techniques to the individual to help reduce tension and stress in the neck, back, shoulders, hips, arms and legs.

Massage helps improve circulation and also decreases swelling in the lower extremities. Utilizing massage throughout pregnancy is a wonderful way for the expecting mother to relax and take some time for herself.

If you have any questions on how massage can help you during your pregnancy, please ask one of our certified massage therapists!

Get Rid of Headaches with Cold Stone Massage

About 50 million people a year suffer from headaches and an increasing number want a more natural-yet powerful-way to get relief. An effective method of treatment for headaches is cold stone massages.cold stone2

Cold stone therapy massage uses cold marble stones that are placed along key headache sites. They help provide a deep state of relaxation, release of tension, and reduction of swelling and inflammation.

Not only can cold stone therapy be used to help combat headaches and fatigue but also for:

Anxiety: The stones help the mind focus on the body.

Sinusitis: To reduce congestion and nasal swelling.

PMS: Stones help reduce pain, bloating, cramps, and swelling.

A cold stone massage session is typically an hour long. A paraffin dip or hot packs are first placed on the feet to pull heat downwards, away from your head. Certain essential oils are then used on key headache areas and then finally the cold stones are placed along those same areas. Like any other massage, muscle work done by a massage therapist will also be incorporated into the hour session.

If you have questions about cold stone massge, ask one of our certified massage therapists!


EveryBODY Deserves a Massage!

Most people still see a massage as a luxury. They see it as only being able to get one while on vacation, to pamper yourself, or if it’s given as a gift.

Although massage therapy is mainly known for relaxation, more and more people are starting to realize the major benefits that your body can get from a massage.

Massage therapy can:

  • Relax tight muscles
  • Improve range of motion
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce pain caused by conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, and  fibromyalgia
  • And many more benefits!

By getting a massage on a regular basis you can decrease headaches, become pain free, and help remove toxins from the body.

physiotherapy-567021_1280Many people also believe that massage therapy is only for adults. Massage therapy is great for people of all ages. From infants to elderly, massage therapy can help improve your health.

For children, it can help with reducing pain from sports injuries, reduce headaches, relax stiff muscles, help with asthma, reduce bed-wetting, and more!

Massages aren’t just for relaxation and they certainly shouldn’t be considered a luxury! It’s a treatment that is so beneficial for the body and everyBODY should deserve such a treatment.


6 Things you Didn’t Know about Massage Therapists

As a clinic that offers massage therapy, we know a thing or two about massage therapists and the work that goes behind the scenes.

  1. Certified Massage Therapists go through a lot of training- A certified massage therapist typically goes through 2 years of training and schooling. They need over 200 credits in school and 500-600 hours of hands on practice. The training includes different massage techniques, anatomy of the human body, physiology, and various types of massage. They also learn how to take thorough treatment notes and documentation.
  2. Massage Therapists use more than their hands- No they aren’t typically using their feet to do massage (that is called Ashiatsu Massage!) but they are using different parts of the body to give you that deep pressure. To reduce injuries and soreness of their hands, massage therapists use muscles from their arms, shoulders, and legs to apply pressure. They also take advantage of gravity and use their body weight to apply deeper pressure.
  3. To avoid injuries, they have to build up muscle in their hands and wrists. Conditions like carpal tunnel and tendinitis are common in massage therapists if they do not have the muscle build up in places like hands and wrists.
  4. They have the opportunity to take continuing education courses! Though it is not required for their certification, massage therapists have plenty of opportunity to learn more types of massage and stay up to date on current massage techniques.
  5. Massage Therapists can work in other places than a spa. Massage therapy is well known for being relaxing which fits in with the spa atmosphere but that’s not the only place they can work! Massage therapists can work in clinics, hospitals, cruise ships, at events, for sports teams, or they can set up their own private practice.
  6. Massage Therapists at Minser Chiropractic Clinic have gone through extra training that enables them to do Tui Na on children, hot bamboo, hot stone, herbal ball, and many other types of massage!

If you’d like to schedule a massage or have more questions about it give us a call! 320-253-5650