5 Important Outdoor Exercise Tips

Though most of us can’t wait for the snow to melt, the transition from Winter into Spring can be a tricky one for outdoor fitness. Our exercise department put together some tips for your next outside workout.

  1. Dress “dry” not just “warm.”- the quickest way to lose body heat is by getting wet. Getting wet by sweat or puddles can leave you chilled and miserable.
  2. Cotton isn’t for workout wear– Cotton soaks up moisture and holds it in.
  3. Protect your skin– Winter time means dry air. It’s important to be hydrated inside and out. Drink plenty of water and moisturize your skin to prevent cracking.
  4. Don’t overdress– Overdressing can often lead to making you too hot and sweaty. It also puts you at risk for dehydration because of excess perspiration.
  5. Protect your extremities– Blood flow is pushed to the core of your body, leaving less blood (and warmth) available to the hands and feet. Wear gloves or mittens; you can take them off if you get too hot. Put on some moisture-wicking socks for your feet.

Exercising is important to achieve overall health. Think of these tips next time you’re getting ready to go on an outdoor run!



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