How Acupuncture Can Improve Your Health from Head to Toe!

Acupuncture has been practiced for hundreds of years, though not all in the same form. During the Stone Age, people used knifes and other sharp objects to relieve pain and disease. Over time, the practice became modified and was researched in depth to bring the modern acupuncture we know and use today.

Treatment by acupuncture

There are 360 different acupuncture points located on the 12 channels that run throughout the body. These channels correspond to internal organs like the kidney, liver, lungs, etc. The channels aren’t visible to the eye but are found using anatomical landmarks and what flows through these channels is energy called “Qi”. (Pronounced “Ch-ee”)

We have compiled a list of ways this ancient practice can be used to improve your health from head to toe!

Head– Acupuncture is great for reducing frequency and intensity of headaches and migraines

Nose– Seasonal allergies and congestion can also be reduced with acupuncture. It can also allow people to use antihistamines less often for allergies.

Mood– Acupuncture is well known for helping with depression by regulating “happy making” neurotransmitters in your brain.

Heart– Not only is acupuncture good for reducing stress, but also for lowering blood pressure and acupuncture3promoting good heart health.

Immune System– Well- placed needles can boost the activity of immune cells that seek and destroy infections and illnesses.

Back– Acupuncture has been found to be an effective treatment for back pain, along with pain in other areas of the body.

Menopause– Acupuncture can ease the frequency and severity of hot flashes by helping regulate body temperature.

Infertility– Struggling to conceive? Acupuncture can help with any fertility issues one may be having when trying to conceive.

Weight– Looking to lose weight? Acupuncture can help with the weight loss process along with diet and exercise.

These are only a few areas of the body acupuncture can help with!

If you have questions about a certain condition or acupuncture in general, ask a doctor!



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