Is Vibratory Therapy Right for You?


What is it?

Vibration training takes the same forces that traditional exercise uses and turbo charges it. Simply put; if you do one regular squat, you did one squat. If you do one squat on a vibration machine, it equals up to 50 normal squats in the same time. Vibration therapy works by pulling and tensing the muscle the same as it would in regular exercise, but in very small amounts and very quickly. Your muscles cannot tell the difference between the regular squat and the vibratory therapy squat, other than the vibratory therapy squat was done at a rate of 50 times more.

 What does it do?

~Increases cellular oxygen circulation

~Stimulates cellular nutrient uptake

~Enhances cellular fluid movement

~Assists cellular waste removal

~Accelerates the body’s natural healing response

As a result, new cells are more resilient, vibrant, and function together as a healthier, longer lasting body.

What is it good for?

~Weight loss

~Improving mood and energy

~Strengthening muscles

~Toning and tightens skin

~Increasing serotonin levels

~Decreasing join pain and blood pressure

~Improving flexibility and balance.

Our exercise studio is equipped with our very own vibratory therapy exercise machine known as The Wave! We are excited to incorporate vibratory therapy into your pursuit of wellness.

Make an appointment with our rehab specialist to get started with an individualized training program for you!



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