Get Rid of Headaches with Cold Stone Massage

About 50 million people a year suffer from headaches and an increasing number want a more natural-yet powerful-way to get relief. An effective method of treatment for headaches is cold stone massages.cold stone2

Cold stone therapy massage uses cold marble stones that are placed along key headache sites. They help provide a deep state of relaxation, release of tension, and reduction of swelling and inflammation.

Not only can cold stone therapy be used to help combat headaches and fatigue but also for:

Anxiety: The stones help the mind focus on the body.

Sinusitis: To reduce congestion and nasal swelling.

PMS: Stones help reduce pain, bloating, cramps, and swelling.

A cold stone massage session is typically an hour long. A paraffin dip or hot packs are first placed on the feet to pull heat downwards, away from your head. Certain essential oils are then used on key headache areas and then finally the cold stones are placed along those same areas. Like any other massage, muscle work done by a massage therapist will also be incorporated into the hour session.

If you have questions about cold stone massge, ask one of our certified massage therapists!



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