Healthy Spring Break Planning

There’s a week off of school, you’re sick of the cold and have a warm place picked out for a great vacation. The planning and packing begins! What am I going to bring? What should I wear? The questions go on and on and on!

Here are some tips to re-member when traveling for that fun family vacation:

~Protect yourself from the sun! Your skin is used to the tundra wind and the indoor warmth, not the harsh rays of the sun. Pack sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, or light scarves to reduce your chance of getting sun burned.

~Stay hydrated. Running around in the sand and the sun is really fun but make sure you take a break for some refreshing water. Alcoholic drinks are great by the pool; have a glass of water in between drinks to prevent dehydration and heat stroke.sunny-bottom-view-of-high-tropical-palms-picjumbo-com

~Be alert! When kids are swimming, make sure there’s a trusted adult either swimming with them or watching closely. Tides can come in and easily take a person out to sea. Keep an eye on your belongings when out and about. Vacationers can be easy targets for pick pocketers and thieves.

~Pack good shoes. Those sandals are really cute but are they good for extensive walking? Make sure your shoes can comfort-ably support your feet if your trip calls for lots of walking.

~Know the ropes! Don’t go in areas that are prohibited or dangerous. If you’re going exploring, take a buddy along so you’re not alone in case of an emergency.

~Have someone keep and eye on your house when you’re gone. While on vacation, it’s fun to post pictures and activities on social media, but this shows you’re not home. Have a neighbor or friend check on your house occasionally to make sure there are no intruders.

~Know what you’re eating and drinking. If you’re buying fresh fruit from a non suspicious fruit stand, make sure you wash it off before eating. Keep and eye on your drinks and don’t accept any from strangers. If you’re traveling abroad, know if the tap water is safe to drink. Research prior to leaving if the country you’re visiting has clean water. If not, buy bottled water and ask to hold the ice in your drinks at restaurants.

While keeping these tips in mind, make sure to have fun! Enjoy the time off to relax and spend quality time with family! We wish everyone safe travels and healthy returns home! Next time, can you take us with you?


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