6 Things you Didn’t Know about Massage Therapists

As a clinic that offers massage therapy, we know a thing or two about massage therapists and the work that goes behind the scenes.

  1. Certified Massage Therapists go through a lot of training- A certified massage therapist typically goes through 2 years of training and schooling. They need over 200 credits in school and 500-600 hours of hands on practice. The training includes different massage techniques, anatomy of the human body, physiology, and various types of massage. They also learn how to take thorough treatment notes and documentation.
  2. Massage Therapists use more than their hands- No they aren’t typically using their feet to do massage (that is called Ashiatsu Massage!) but they are using different parts of the body to give you that deep pressure. To reduce injuries and soreness of their hands, massage therapists use muscles from their arms, shoulders, and legs to apply pressure. They also take advantage of gravity and use their body weight to apply deeper pressure.
  3. To avoid injuries, they have to build up muscle in their hands and wrists. Conditions like carpal tunnel and tendinitis are common in massage therapists if they do not have the muscle build up in places like hands and wrists.
  4. They have the opportunity to take continuing education courses! Though it is not required for their certification, massage therapists have plenty of opportunity to learn more types of massage and stay up to date on current massage techniques.
  5. Massage Therapists can work in other places than a spa. Massage therapy is well known for being relaxing which fits in with the spa atmosphere but that’s not the only place they can work! Massage therapists can work in clinics, hospitals, cruise ships, at events, for sports teams, or they can set up their own private practice.
  6. Massage Therapists at Minser Chiropractic Clinic have gone through extra training that enables them to do Tui Na on children, hot bamboo, hot stone, herbal ball, and many other types of massage!

If you’d like to schedule a massage or have more questions about it give us a call! 320-253-5650


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