Strength Training and You

As we all know it is important to eat right and exercise. Something you may not know is that strength training, also known as resistance training, is very important to keep weight off and to feel well.

According to the National Center of Health Statistics, only 20% of women strength train during the week. Lifting weights only 2x per week can reduce body fat by 3% in just 10 weeks!

This means you can trim 3 inches off that waist line, without making any other changes. Another study found that the day after strength training you burn 100 calories more than if you did not lift the day before. When you build 10lbs of lean muscle to replace 10lbs of fat, you effortlessly can burn up to 50 more calories a day!

Strength Training Benefits:

  • Keeps the weight off now
  • It’s great for both men and women
  • It increases your strength and makes you more fit
  • Strength Training protects bone and muscle. After puberty, you start losing 1% of your muscle strength. One of the best ways to stop and or slow down this process is to start with strength training.
  • It also helps you with your body mechanics. Your balance, coordination, and posture will improve from strength training. It can reduce your risk of falling up to 40%, especially as you get older.
  • Strength Training plays a role in disease prevention
  • You can burn more calories with strength training, even when at rest!
  • If you’re feeling down a bit or depressed, strength training and exercise can aid in feeling better and boosting your mood

Now you don’t need to jump into bench pressing 150lbs on day 1. Start off slow and be more conservative with the amount of weight you are lifting to avoid injury.  Know the correct techniques for lifting weights is important for avoiding injury.

If you need help getting started or are questioning your technique, give the clinic a call and talk to our exercise department!

Check out what our exercise department has to offer on our website!



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