Time to Stay Motivated!

We all know exercising and eating healthy is good for us, but why is it so hard to stick with? Try following some or all of the tips below to stay motivated in leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

  1. Set goals—start with simple, small goals and progress to longer-range goals. Goals should be realistic and achievable.
  2. Start slowly—it’s best to start slowly and progress gradually. If you push yourself too hard too fast, you may find yourself in pain or with an injury.
  3. Think variety—include a variety of exercises in your routine so you don’t become bored. Your routine should involve stretching, resistance training, and cardiovascular activity to increase the heart rate. If the weather cooperates, take your routine outside.cardio-running-on-a-treadmill-picjumbo-com
  4. Make physical activity part of your daily routine—if you feel you don’t have time to exercise everyday, schedule workouts like any other important appointment.You can also fit physical activity in throughout the day; go for a walk over your lunch break, stretch durin
    g the news, or take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  1. Keep an exercise/food journal—seeing the benefits of regular exercise on paper may help you stay motivated, and keeping track of your daily food intake may encourage you to eat healthier.
  2. Seek support—invite a friend or family member to workout with you. It’ll help keep each other accountable and can double as a social hour.

Just remember, this is your life. You have control to create and maintain a more happy, healthy, strong, and confident self!



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