Massage-No Pain, No Gain?

Some people believe that a massage must be painful to be effective. Clenching your teeth while the massage therapist is digging deep will help for the future right?

In fact, painful bodywork can be less effective.  If you cannot breathe comfortably or you want to curl your toes then the technique is too intense for you.

massageeA high level of pain will cause your body to go into protective mode. It can actually block any positive change that the massage would normally give you.  You should never be in a high pain range to get the results you want.

We understand that applying pressure on tight muscles and knots in your back isn’t very comfortable, but it shouldn’t be to the point of wincing with every massage stroke.

If your massage does feel too painful, be sure to let your massage therapist know.  The therapist can ease the pressure without losing any therapeutic value.
Massage therapists are trained to modify the pressure based on patient preference. By giving your therapist appropriate feedback, you will have a great experience throughout your session and feel much better afterward!



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