2017: Just for the Health of It

Gold glitter Happy New Year 2017 background. Happy new year glit

Just like every beginning of the new year there comes new goals, resolutions, and aspirations. Our goals for the staff at Minser Chiropractic Clinic is to make individual choices that are made for the sake of health, or Just for the Health of It!

With this new slogan, we encourage you to do the same! Your every day decisions should be driven by the want to become a healthier version of yourself! Whether that means exercising more, eating less sugar, walking 3 miles a day, getting regular adjustments, or being less stressed, it should be a healthy goal.

For any goal, health related or not, it should be measurable and attainable, but should give you a little challenge. If you make unreasonable goals for yourself (like running 15 miles every day or lose 20 pounds in a week) it can be very discouraging when you see little to no progress and make it more likely that you will give up.


Health related goals can also be tricky. It sounds easy to eat healthy or exercise more, but some people aren’t sure where to start or how to continue these habits without faltering. We can help!

Our staff at Minser Chiropractic Clinic can help you achieve the healthier you and any other 2017 goals you may have through exercise, massage, nutritional counseling, acupuncture, and chiropractic adjustments! Our treatment and exercise programs are tailored to you specifically. We can help you achieve your goals and help maintain those healthy habits through the rest of the year and the rest of your life!

Visit our website for more information about the programs and treatments we offer or give the clinic a call! Minser Chiropractic Clinic is here for your health and to help you make life style changes just for the health of it!


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